Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pregnancy update: Seventeen Weeks

Good doctor appointment today :)

Good heartbeat. Official due date is the 17th but my OB said she will let me schedule the c-section past my due date, probably the 20th. 

We are going to try delayed cord clamping. I wasn't sure it would be an option because I will be having a repeat c-section, but my doctor said it should be fine. 

The one bad part about my appointment is that I learned if I want my tubes tied during the c-section, I have to deliver at Sutter, which I refuse to do. My hospital of choice, Memorial, is a Catholic hospital so in addition to not performing abortions, they don't perform sterilization either. But Essure isn't covered by my insurance YET. She thinks with Obama Care that it should be by the time I need it. If it isn't then I will wait and get a tubal later. I am okay to do that at Sutter another time but I will not have my baby there as a patient. 

Backstory: I took my then 6 month old son to Sutter two days in a row due to worsening symptoms. Vomiting, lethargy, odd breathing pattern, etc. Sutter dismissed us both times saying that nothing was wrong. Not even a blood test. Memorial, another hospital, finally diagnosed my son with bacterial meningitis. But because it was undiagnosed the first two days, the brain damage was severe by the time it was diagnosed. My son was left incredibly disabled and ultimately died as a result when he was 4. 

Not nearly as important but still irritating is that the anesthesiologist who performed my epidural when I delivered my first child at Sutter accidentally gave me a wet tap. Not his fault necessarily - it happens - but he knew it happened and never told me. I didn't find out until I returned to the hospital a few days after delivery for the severe headache that I had had for days. THAT is web I was told about the wet tap. 


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  2. That is heartbreaking to hear about your baby boy. I am SO SO Sorry for the devastation that seemingly could have been prevented. I love that I stumbled on your blog, and though I don't 'do' blogs, your is one that I will start to follow !


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